Expression Services for Not-for-Profit Organizations

TetraGenetics Inc has developed the TetraExpress™ platform: a powerful cross-cutting technology for the overexpression of membrane and secreted proteins using Tetrahymena thermophila. Tetrahymena, a unicellular model organism, has a number of differential biological features particularly well-suited to the production of these important classes of proteins. The advantages of the TetraExpress™ platform are particularly pronounced when producing historically difficult proteins, for example ion channels, where the yield of correctly folded and functional protein from TetraExpress™ is up to 100 times that produced in traditional expression host cell systems (e.g., mammalian cells).

TetraGenetics Inc has now joined forces with the NIH (ORIP)-funded Tetrahymena stock center at Cornell University to provide access to TetraExpress™ for the not-for-profit academic and government-research community at reasonable cost.

Protein Expression services include:

  • GOI codon optimization for high-level expression in Tetrahymena
  • Gene Synthesis
  • Cloning into proprietary high-copy Tetrahymena expression vectors
  • Expression strain generation
  • Optimization of growth and induction conditions
  • Production of either spent culture medium or cell paste from a 2L culture
  • Project report