1. How long will it take to complete a typical project?
    Depending on gene complexity and synthesis time an average project will take 6-8 weeks to complete.
  2. How much will an expression project cost?
    The project cost will range between $5000-$10000 plus the cost of gene synthesis and sequencing.
  3. Will my gene sequence be optimized for expression in Tetrahymena?
    Yes, we will optimize your gene sequence using our proprietary codon usage table for optimal expression in Tetrahymena.
  4. Is purification of expressed proteins offered as a service?
    No-currently we do not offer purification as part of our services
  5. Are there any research restrictions associated with projects?
    No-researchers are free to use materials as they see fit and to publish work associated with research materials
  6. Are there any commercial restrictions associated with projects?
    Yes-TetraGenetics utilizes proprietary technology in performing expression services. A commercial agreement from TetraGenetics must be obtained prior to any for-profit use of materials provided
  7. Is intellectual property related to the project protected?
    Yes, you will retain full rights to intellectual property related to your project.
  8. Is Tetrahymena pathogenic to humans?
    No-Tetrahymena is a BSL1 organism and does not cause disease in humans