Technology Overview

TetraGenetics has developed leading technology and expertise in generating large quantities of high quality transmembrane proteins, including ion channels and G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), and other transmembrane proteins.

Transmembrane proteins play key roles in cellular function, and their importance in human biology is evidenced by the multitude of conditions arising from aberrant functionality, including cancer, inflammation, pain, fibrosis, and autoimmune, metabolic, respiratory, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

These drug targets represent a large and untapped opportunity for the discovery of new antibody therapeutics, but have proven intractable using existing technologies. One reason for this is that they are extremely difficult to produce.

The TetraGenetics technology solves this problem by providing critical reagents that are needed for immunization, screening, characterization, and protein engineering.

TetraGenetics has developed TetraExpress™ for high-yield production of recombinant human ion channels to enable antibody discovery. TetraExpress™ is built on the properties of the protist Tetrahymena thermophila and its unique ability to produce unprecedented levels of correctly folded and functional recombinant ion channels. TetraGenetics is leveraging its unique position to empower the discovery of biological drugs for these historically intractable targets.